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Louwers Media Group

Louwers Mediagroep is an innovative and professional media company that creates high-quality trade information for specific industries and communicates it through optimised campaigns.

Since its establishment in 1987, Louwers Mediagroep has become a familiar face to many companies, organisations and public authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium, who can count on an extensive network.

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Our expert editors have two feet in the industry, possess the necessary professional knowledge, collect relevant content and get professionals talking. They create content that is interesting for expert readers and useful for professional advertisers. Our creative team ensures a perfectly formatted article in print or online and together we achieve the best end result.

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Relevant and reliable trade information

Our professional and creative team - consisting of permanent staff and as many freelancers - knows what the market needs, what drives them, what keeps them busy, what they are waiting for (although sometimes they do not know it themselves) and how we can reach them. By creating specific and reliable trade information, we meet the readers' information needs.

Inform, inspire and connect

We offer advertisers excellent opportunities to reach their target audience, provide strategic advice and support with tailor-made campaigns. In doing so, we offer the right communication options. This is how we help our clients achieve long-term and short-term objectives. We inform, connect and inspire by offering the right content, in the right format, via the right channel and at the right time.

Offline and online

We reach our target audience effectively and efficiently both offline - in the form of trade magazines, special interest magazines, yearbooks and diaries - and online: via our online platforms, social media channels and newsletters. In doing so, we ensure that the communication via the various channels is well synchronised in the context of brand awareness, growth and achieving the objectives.

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