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Louwers Mediagroep publishes trade magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can use the filter to select the target group Netherlands, Flanders or Wallonia.


Plateforme sur la gestion hôteliere

Keep it Green Wallonia

Plate-forme pour les gestionnaires de terrains de football et de golf


Platform on window, door, frame technology, hardware, roof and facade technology, security

FoodTec Wallonie

Platforme pour l'industrie agroalimentaire et des boissons


Platform on pool infrastructure and technology, wellness and outdoor experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium

Industrial Automation Vlaanderen

Platform on production and process automation

Bouwen aan de Zorg

Platform on construction and development in healthcare in Flanders and the Netherlands

Industrial Automation Nederland

Platform on production and process automation

Doneren & Nalaten

Platform on gifts, inheritance and bequests

Bouwen aan Vlaanderen

Platform for construction

Keukenbouw Nederland

Platform on design and technology in the kitchen industry

FoodTec Nederland

Platform for the food and beverage industry

Keep it Green Vlaanderen

Platform for football and golf course managers

Business Vlaanderen

The leading business platform for Flanders

ArchiComm Wallonie

Plateforme sur l'architecture, l'architecture d'intérieur et de paysage


Platform for the performing and prescribing roofing professional

Installatie & Bouw Nederland

Platform on plant engineering, climate control and electricity

RecyclePro Benelux

Platform across the recycling stream in Belgium and the Netherlands

FoodTec Vlaanderen

Platform for the food processing & beverage industry

Construire la Wallonie

Plateforme pour le bâtiment, le génie civil et les infrastructures

Industrial Automation Wallonia

Platforme sur l'automatisation de la production et des processus

Installatie & Bouw Vlaanderen

Trade magazine on installation technology, hvac, plumbing and electricity

Installation & Construction

Plateforme pour les technologies d'installation, l'hvac, le sanitaire et l'électricité

Piscine Design

Plateforme sur les infrastructures et les technologies des piscines, le bien-être et l'expérience de plein air en Belgique


Platform for the interior design industry

Cuisine Design

Plateforme sur la conception et la technicité des cuisines

Hotelvak Nederland

Platform on hotel management, interior design and design in the Netherlands


Platform on new construction, renovation, restoration and transformation


Platform on facades, glass & roofs

ArchiComm Vlaanderen

Platform on architecture, interior & landscape architecture

GreenPro Nederland

Platform for the garden and green space professional

Intérieur et Menuiserie

Plateforme pour le secteur de la construction intérieure et de la menuiserie


Platform for the metalworking industry

Beton & Staalbouw

Platform on concrete and steel in construction

Warehouse & Logistiek Vlaanderen

Platform on transport, storage, internal and external logistics

GreenPro Wallonia

Plateforme pour le professionnel des jardins et des espaces vert

GreenPro Vlaanderen

Platform for the garden and green space professional

Hotelvak Vlaanderen

Platform on hotel management, interior design and design in Flanders


latform on solar and daylight regulation, shutters, patio covers and closures

Interieurbouw & Schrijnwerk

Platform on interior & exterior joinery

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