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Stedenbouw has been the platform for building projects in the Netherlands for over 75 years. What started immediately after the Second World War as a trade magazine for the construction industry has grown decades later into the leading communication network on construction, infra and energy projects in the Netherlands. Clients, contractors, subcontractors and architects have their say about the concepts they have applied, innovative techniques and products or special services within impressive construction projects. This relevant project information is aimed at project developers, real estate companies, building owners, structural engineers, consultancies and construction companies. But also to clients within healthcare and educational institutions, housing associations, (semi-)government institutions, sector organisations, manufacturers, suppliers and related organisations.

Circular construction, BIM, prefabricated construction, fire resistance, BENG, airtight construction, climate technology and modular construction are recurring themes within the projects in Urbanism. But our specials also pay plenty of attention to window frames, facades & roofs, stairs, walls & ceilings, glass and insulation, as part of those construction projects. We also cover specific building projects, such as distribution centres, construction projects in education and car parks.

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