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Platform on gifts, inheritance and bequests

Donate & Bequeath provides independent and reliable information on various charities. The information is intended for people thinking about donating or bequeathing to a charity in order to contribute to a better world. In the articles, the charities themselves speak out and explain what they do, who they support and in what way. The final choice for a specific charity is often a matter of feeling, because someone feels connected to a subject. Topics covered include health & welfare, culture, international aid, nature, environment and animal welfare.

Donating & Bequests has also appeared as a section in the Dutch Notary Agenda (NNA) since 2019. This agenda has been around for over 3 decades and is offered free of charge to all notaries, inheritance lawyers, hospitals, residential care centres and other relevant organisations.

Donations, gifts and bequests are an important source of income for charities. As a participant in the section and platform, you are assured of a loyal constituency. The NNA is used intensively, the section serves as a reference work and the complementary online platform serves an ever-growing network, making it an effective way to reach the target group.

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