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GWW is the platform for presenting current projects in Dutch civil engineering. In addition to projects, plenty of attention is paid to innovative developments, trends, policy and technology, and everything else related to civil engineering, infrastructure, rail, underground construction, construction equipment and the water chain. Digitisation in GWW, water works, tunnel and bridge construction, sewerage and underground infrastructure, rail techniques, Zero Emission and safety are recurring themes within the platform.

Unique, up-to-date project, product and trade information is shared with relevant audiences through a powerful combination of offline, online, digital newsletters and social media.

GWW is aimed at directors and management of companies involved in the construction of dykes, bridges, canals, civil engineering, dredging, hydraulic engineering/road building, engineering and architectural firms, suppliers and industry associations. In addition, our information is also distributed to ministries and government departments, Rijkswaterstaat (all HIDs; chief engineer directors), provincial, municipal and other authorities involved. 

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